Synapsys™ creates a full exchange of information between OpenText Documentum and Sparta Systems TrackWise EQMS for change, deviation, and incident management in life sciences work.

Many life sciences companies are using OpenText Documentum for enterprise content management along with Sparta Systems' TrackWise EQMS.  These systems are considered the "best-of-breed" systems and have matured over the last 15-20 years.  At the same time, increased compliance regulations are increasing risk in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries.  A lack of proper data interchange between these systems not only impacts efficiency, but endangers proper compliance as well.

Impact Systems' Synapsys leverages TrackWise EQMS and Documentum functionality to move information between the systems at the appropriate time and on an as-needed basis.  The result is a complete and comprehensive solution with seamless interoperability.

Benefits include:

  • TrackWise EQMS users can search for referenced/impacted document(s) in the Documentum docbase
  • TrackWise EQMS users can select and link the referenced/impacted documents(s) from the Documentum docbase to a TrackWise EQMS Record (PR) in TrackWise EQMS
  • Easy to implement pre- and post-approval business rules via the power of Documentum configurations
  • Users can link documents from Documentum to TrackWise EQMS.  Synapsys then auto populates TrackWise EQMS configured data fields with the associated metadata, such as title, version, etc. from Documentum
  • End-to-end connection capability with minimum manual hand-offs
  • Synapsys is preconfigured, reducing implementation costs
  • Notification to appropriate Documentum or TrackWise EQMS users to indicate status, initiate tasks/activities, etc.

Typical buyers include : CEO, CFO, Technical and Compliance officers at Life Sciences companies

Additional Information:

Synapsys Datasheet

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